2005_07_manram.jpgFor the past 24 hours or so, people...okay, Mets fans, have been feverishly discussing the possibilities of Red Sox outfielder Manny Ramirez being traded to the NY Mets in a three way deal between NY, Boston, and Tampa Bay. Even though Ramirez is kind of bizarre, he is an incredible hitter, and fans and NY sports writers alike love the idea of this deal (the NY Post's headline is "He's a Headache...Get Him Anyway"). However, ESPN says the deal "appears on ice", but there are still 21 hours left to go on the trading deadline. This news, whether or not the deal goes through, seem to prove that the Mets, thanks to general manager Omar Minaya, are ready to rumble and take over some of the flashy news from the Yankees. In fact, tomorrow's Sunday Times Magazine cover story is "Viva los Mets," with a smiling Pedro on the cover. Viva indeed!

Photo by the AP