If Thor Equities was hoping to win over public opinion, we're not sure this is the way to go: The developer which owns the land where Dreamland Amusement Park sits (the former Astroland site) has shut down the amusement, claiming non-payment of rent. Thor spokesman Stefan Friedman tells the Post that Dreamland has only paid $30,000—and owes $600,000, "We are hopeful that Dreamland will soon pay its rent, so it can quickly reopen the rides." But Dreamland president Anthony Raffaele told NY1 he has been paying rent, "First of all they came down here, they quadrupled everybody's rent in Coney Island. Nobody in Coney Island can pay their rent now. And now they come down here and cut all the locks. Why'd they wait till now, if I haven't been paying the rent, it's two weeks away from the end of the season." City Councilman Domenic Recchia criticized Thor owner Joseph Sitt as "a heartless person who only cares about money."