The long annoying nightmare of transferring between Broadway-Lafayette and the uptown 6 train at Bleecker is almost over. After swatting away our inquiries all summer with such gnomic replies as "Soon," MTA spokesman Kevin Ortiz has confirmed, via Twitter, that the hotly-anticipated transfer will be open for business on September 26th. On that day, commuters will finally be free to flow back and forth between the uptown 6 platform at Bleecker Street and the hub at Broadway-Lafayette.

Just to double confirm, we checked in with Ortiz this morning and he told us that soon is now officially when. Rent your tuxedos for September 25th! Here's a little background on the history between these points on the IND Sixth Avenue Line and the IRT Lexington Avenue Line. And here's a sneak peak at the sweet new transfer, which features colorful honeycomb lights and... FINALLY A FREAKING CONNECTION TO THE UPTOWN 6 without having to schlep up to the street and back down again.