It looks like the Drawing Center will actually get an extreme downtown space. The Drawing Center is in talks to build a space where the Fulton Fish Market once was. The deal, as reported by the NY Times, is "far from a done deal," but Gothamist supposes being on the other side of the lower tip of Manhattan is far enough from the World Trader Center not to "denigrate" it. The South Street space would be twice the size of the Drawing Center's current Wooster Street gallery, but about two-thirds the size of the original, World Trade Center site design. Downtown officials are pleased with the match, and so are we - sometimes it feels too commercial (shock!) at the Seaport - this will be a good injection of culture. We just suggest that the first exhibit planned there be drawings of the fish trade over time!

And this allows us to digress and enjoy the beautiful series of photographs of the last days of the Fulton Fish Market that Keith at overshadowed took.

Photograph from Keith Kin Yan, Overshadowed