This weekend there were reports of a bomb going off on South 3rd Street in Williamsburg, during the early morning hours of Sunday. Now the Daily News has more details, confirming that the block between Roebling and Havemeyer was the stage for an explosion around 12:30 a.m. on Sunday.

Reportedly it was the NYPD bomb squad who detonated what they say was a suspected "Drano bomb" on the street, called in by someone who spotted it. It's uncertain whether this was merely cleaning mixture left outside, or if someone actually attempted to make a bomb.

While the device was safely blown up, and there were no reports of injuries, it still put the fear in local residents (who weren't allowed back in their homes until 4 a.m.). One 20-year-old woman told the paper, "I feel really unsafe now. I guess this is just another wakeup call. People who say that this stuff can't happen in their neighborhood, but it can." But this isn't the first time the neighborhood has been under attack; in fact the area has seen daytime shootings and machete attacks over the past year.