A dangerous rescue took place on the Jersey Shore last night when authorities extricated boaters from a fishing boat that ran aground in Spring Lake.

According to NJ.com, the boat was in distress around 9 p.m., and "on- and off-duty police, lifeguards, firefighters, the State Police, the Coast Guard and other agencies" responded to rescue people from the boat. However, the boat was "teetering on a jetty" and was "being buffeted in the surf." NJ.com photographer Andrew Mills was on the scene and took this incredible picture:

Many of the rescuers were worried they would be hit by the boat. One of the boaters suffered a head injury and was removed by backboard, while two others were also rescued. Spring Lake Police Chief Ed Kerr said, "It was pretty bad. It was pretty hairy."

The State Police are reportedly investigating the incident.