A church carnival in the Bronx turned into a house of horror when a roller coaster overturned and injured eleven people. Witnesses at the thirteenth annual St. Theresa Festival in Pelham Bay Park say that something was not right with the "Dragon Wagon" all day long, with reports that there was a clicking sound coming from the kiddie ride that stood no more than four feet off the ground. At around 9:30 p.m., the ride finally gave and ran off the tracks. Seven children were taken to Jacobi Hospital and one of the two adults injured was a pregnant woman, but all of the injuries were not considered serious, described as bumps and scratches. One elderly woman told the News, "I thought it was dangerous from the beginning," and when the ride finally did tilt over, the woman said that she thought "someone was shot." Police shut down the carnival for the night after the accident and continue to investigate what caused the malfunction.