You know a fight to be district attorney is getting nasty when you use the tagline "Really, should we re-elect a D.A. who's been around longer than The Simpsons?" First of all, there's nothing wrong with The Simpsons being around so long. Sure, it's creaky and isn't as seamless funny as it used to be in earlier seasons, but it's a lot better than a lot of dreck. Second, the poster calls current Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes "Joe Hynes." The papers refer to Hynes as "Charles Hynes," so Gothamist finds all of this confusing: If the voter isn't familiar with the DA's nicknames, because, really, who is, and if they were swayed by this silly campaign, they might think they shouldn't vote for "John Sampson." Third, if we see fliers in Manhattan saying, "Really, should we re-elect a D.A. who has been around since the year Dog Day Afternoon came out?" we'll give up.

The NY Times endorsed Hynes for a "final, legacy-enhancing term," even though opponents Arnold Kriss and Mark Peters have good ideas; the Times calls John Sampson an "empty suit" candidate. More on the Brooklyn DA's race from Gotham Gazzette, as well as the Manhattan DA's race.

Photograph by Tien Mao