Police have identified Philip Boney-Scrivano as the victim of yesterday's fiery crash on Staten Island, and Jean Carlos Aleman as the 25-year-old passenger who miraculously walked away. The two had reportedly been at a birthday party earlier in the night, and decided to drag race friend Korey Swatz and another passenger on their way to the White Castle in Stapleton. However, Boney-Scrivano jumped the curb at Bay Street and crashed into the Citgo gas station. The Staten Island Advance says, "The driver's side of his 2009 Honda Accord bore the brunt of the impact, which was so powerful that his body was ripped apart."

Swatz was arrested at the scene and charged with a DWI after registering a BAC of .10. Aleman has been released from Richmond University Medical Center, and admitted they had been speeding. He said, "He started fast, fast and fast,. When he started to turn the car, it wouldn't turn." A witness said, "It seemed like they were drag racing. I can't believe someone would drive 100 mph on Bay Street. It's insane."

Locals say the turn on Bay Street is a popular area for drag races. One told the Daily News, "Drag racing and betting—it's dangerous. It gets very [busy] out here, especially in the summer. This road's a killer."