Dr. Cornel West has become the third celebrity in the past 24 hours to visit the Occupy Wall Street protests in Zuccotti Park. Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon both paid their respects to the demonstrators earlier today and last night. West, a professor at Princeton, recently said on MSNBC, "The top 10 percent got 100 percent of income growth. That's pathological. You can't sustain a democracy when you have that kind of wealth inequality."

There is talk that the Occupy Wall Street protestors will attend tonight's Community Board 1 meeting to coordinate their activity with the wishes of its members, but that could not immediately be confirmed with the organizers.

Meanwhile, more than 700 United and Continental pilots are protesting the bungled merger of their companies near Zuccotti Park on Wall Street. IBT reports, "the pilots believe that the company needs to focus on contract negotiations instead of changing the logo on the cocktail napkins." They marched in silence in their uniforms, in contrast with the Wall Street Occupiers because, as one pilot said, they "were professionals and very disciplined."

Postal workers also took to Lower Manhattan to protest the massive cuts and closings that the USPS is bracing for. A from the livestream, it appear that members of Occupy Wall Street joined the postal workers, but the protests were largely self-segregated.