2008_11_catf.jpgYesterday's three-alarm fire at a Bronx strip mall destroyed a number of businesses, including a pet store. According to the Daily News, over "100 frantic birds, reptiles and small animals died trapped in their cages" at Stephanie and Amanda's Pet Center. Joel Rivera, the store's manager, said of his cousin, who owns the store, "He just couldn't stay and watch what was happening." Rivera added that firefighters helped save "parrots, parakeets, rabbits, guinea pigs, lizards and other reptiles, at least two cats and a pair of guard dogs." A neighbor told NY1, "I feel sorry for all the animals because that is the first thing that God made. And you got to have mercy for them." The other ravaged businesses include a barber shop, grocery store, and a dry cleaners, where the fire began. Three firefighters suffered minor injuries.