The Post reports that the Lover Manhattan website is all zinged up for "morale-boosting" and "updates" on Ground Zero-area construction. Those "This is 2010. It's Happening Now" posters are all part of the a campaign "aimed at giving residents and workers in lower Manhattan real-time information about the $20 billion in construction projects that will be ramping up this summer." So for four years, you can get served up the government's spin on what's happening. What we're impressed by is how the state and city government is commited to 2010 as a hard date. Given all back-and-forth, 2015 seems more likely.

At lowermanhattan.info, there's a 5 minute, 46 second video ("This is 2010. It's happening now."), a visualization tour, a rebuilding timeline, and an overview of many downtown projects.