Fighting powder; Photo - NewsdayLower Manhattan was stalled, shut down, and frightened as both anthrax white powdery substances at the Canal Street 1 train and a mysterious vehicle on the Brooklyn Bridge were seen. The white substance was in a manila envelope, with the words "Go to hell" written on it. The Fire Department quickly dispatched their Hazmat team to deal with the situation, which hasn't led to any firm findings yet. (The white substance incident reminds Gothamist of the "fear" student art project that snarled life at Union Square last year.) The Brooklyn Bridge incident was also, thankfully, eventless - a man claimed a Middle Eastern man offered to pay him to drive his car across the Bridge. It turned out the car belonged to a Daily News reporter and police think the man was making up the story.

Supposedly, there's no special terror alert for this coming holiday weekend, but it sort of seems like NY is on a terror alert level in between orange and red. Orange-red? Red-orange?

Gothamist's pictures on the scene. Yesterday's coverage.