When they're not shooting themselves in the groin, threatening to kill the president, or trying to blow up Starbucks, the city's rebellious youngsters continue to commit the less sensational crime of burglary. Cops arrested two teenagers suspected of ransacking dozens of lower Manhattan apartments in separate burglary sprees.

On Tuesday, police cuffed 13-year-old Dominique Parrott, who allegedly raided at least 14 apartments in the Lower East Side and East Village by climbing on fire escapes and opening unlocked windows. According to the Post, Parrott, and his accomplices who remain on the lam, avoided arrest because cops were searching for perps "in their 20s or 30s." They caught Parrot — who claimed he was just a lookout — in Tompkins Square Park after an officer recognized the teen as a runaway who fled from a group home in Dobbs Ferry, "where he was placed last month after allegedly stealing a car."

The arrest comes just five days after police collared a 15-year-old with a lengthy rap sheet who allegedly burglarized 25 West Village apartments with the help of his 13-year-old brother. Juan Gonzalez (pictured) — a suspect dubbed both "baby-faced" and "Oliver Twist-like" by the Post — was caught in the act in Richmond Hill, Queens with his sibling on Friday.

After being apprehended, Gonzalez, who was first arrested when he was just 11, confessed to "another 10 to 20 break-ins" in the West Village. Relatives put the blame on the six months he served in a detention center following a 2008 arrest. "Instead of going to school, he learned how to be a burglar," his stepgrandfather, José Vasquez, said.