110 Livingston Street; Photo - NewsdayWho will rent apartments in the buliding remains to be seen, but the Department of Education sold its old downtown Brooklyn Board of Ed headquarters to developer David Walentas for $45 million. Walentas will then convert the building into condos in the $500,000-$1 million range.

The building, at 110 Livingston Street, was synonymous with bureaucracy and not getting anything done, earning the nickname "The Kremlin." Ouch. And one former school spokesperson remarked, "If there is an opposite of nostalgia, you'd have to apply it to 110 Livingston Street."

Some say that the buliding may be renamed to shed the old associations - perhaps as "45 Boerum Place." How about "45 Paces from Cobble Hill" to snag the hipster parents looking for more space but DUMBO is getting pricey...

The Department of Education is now at the old Tweed Courthouse.