Brooklyn Born noticed the "elusive Downtown Brooklyn Raccoon" last night in Clinton Hill and took photographs (one above) and video. He writes:

The Raccoon was chillin, hard. Strolling across streets, through crosswalks, it made a pit-stop at Moe's and was basically more comfortable looking on Lafayette than most Pratt Students. Now for all you suburban folks, country heads and new-comers, I know you can throw a rock in the woods and hit a family of raccoons, but I'm impressed by the fact that at 9pm on crowded streets this raccoon was holding sway. I marveled at how a fat fuzzy creature that didn't seem interested in sprinting, could navigate city streets until I saw it wait for the light at South Elliot.

Raccoons are familiar faces in Brooklyn these days. An earlier tip from the Department of Health, when it reported about a rabid raccoon a few years ago, "New Yorkers are reminded to avoid animals acting aggressively or viciously, stumbling or acting disoriented, or wild animals acting unusually tame. To report vicious or aggressive animals, please call 911. To report sick or injured animals, please call 311."