bksign1008.jpgDowntown Brooklyn has a new aggressive marketing initiative, and at the top of the press release it's noted that the area will be promoted "as a College Town." Allegedly the plan is to expand and diversify with some new tenants, companies and retailers. Sure, they've got an Urban Outfitters and Trader Joe's, but they're looking to make the area "a vibrant, 24/7, live-work urban center". (Hoboken has allegedly been stealing their business over the past 10 years!). So Marty Markowitz has officially stated they're "'open for business' and—with all due respect to our friends in Jersey—our borough is the very best place for companies to locate and employees to live, work, and raise families." The Downtown Brooklyn Partnership promises "a mix of advertising, direct marketing, promotional events and other activities" to help attain their goal. So, a round of Jäger shots to celebrate?