In a series called "everyday life in the city," rion took this photograph (above) of a building on Libert Street, right across from the World Trade Center site, where the tenants on the top floor have created this anti-war message. Gothamist likes this sign, because Ground Zero has sometimes been used as a reason to go to war; with all the tourists who flock to Ground Zero and see the hole where the World Trade Center once was, it's good for them to see that some New Yorkers, though angry and upset, would rather there was peace. We're also very curious about how the owners of the building feel - or maybe the tenants are the owners.

This Wednesday, there's a Virtual Town Meeting with photographer Paul Shambroom and his photographs of Democracy at Work at the Apple Store in SoHo. Local photobloggers, including rion, Jake, Mike Epstein, and Eliot Shepherd will also show their photographs (expect a lot of great shows from the Republican National Convention). More information here.