Today, as some economists said the recession was over (unemployment will still hit 10% though!), the Dow Jones crossed the 9,900 mark. According to CNBC, stocks were "fueled by earnings optimism, but then pulled back as investors took some profits." Another fun fact: "This came after the Dow logged its highest close in over a year on Friday, which, coincidentally, was also the two-year anniversary of its record close above 14,000." Jeez, 14,000—that seems so long ago.

The Wall Street Journal adds, "Expectations for a strong week of third-quarter earnings reports sent U.S. stocks higher for much of the morning, with financials helping to lead the tape. A series of large banks, including J.P. Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs Groupand Citigroup, are set to post their quarterly results in the coming days." The S&P 500 ended at a one-year high of 1,076. Well, that's what we get with a socialist president, we suppose.