Earlier this month a former employee of American Apparel, Irene Morales, filed a lawsuit in Manhattan against the company's CEO, Dov Charney. The suit claimed that Charney essentially treated Morales like his own personal sex slave for a period of time, threatening her job all the while. However, as all employees are made to do upon accepting a position there, Morales had signed a confidentiality agreement, and currently a judge is deciding if the suit can go any further. While that gets sorted, The Dov has been dealt another harassment charge!

According to the NY Times, another former employee, Kimbra Lo, filed a suit on Wednesday alleging Charney sexually harassed her at his home in Silver Lake in December of 2010. The 19-year-old had left the company 7 months prior (she was working in a New York store) and was hoping to be rehired as a photographer or model. Charney, who has admitted to holding "meetings" on his bed, allegedly met Lo in a towel and brought her to his bedroom. The suit explains what happened next:

Charney then took her to his bedroom... suddenly grabbed her and violently kissed her. Ms. Lo pushed him away and warned Charney that his actions were unwanted and offensive. He responded by asking, "Do you know how long I have been waiting for this?" Charney's tone made it clear to Ms. Lo that [he] was not prepared to wait any longer regardless of her wishes and would become violent if she resisted in any way.

He then forced her to perform various sexual acts. He became more aggressive and violent whenever Ms. Lo made any effort to resist. He repeatedly shouted that no one was in the house but the two of them, clearly indicating no one could help her. For example, at one point Charney held Ms. Lo violently and began thrusting his penis between her legs, closer and closer to her vagina. Ms. Lo struggled furiously to avoid being penetrated, and Charney menacingly demanded that she stop resisting, clearly indicating that he would use violence against her otherwise. When she stopped resisting in terror, he [said], "I'm not going to put it in, but when I do, I'm going to fuck you in the missionary position."

Ms. Lo was certain that any aggressive resistance would result in extreme physical injury to her person. Charney grew more forceful as she tried to leave. Ms. Lo was scared, shocked, and was afraid that he would try to hit her if she refused to give in to him.

The claim is part of a lawsuit (which you can read in full here) that also names three other women who did not publicly disclose their complaints due to that confidentiality agreement they signed. Which, by the way, is a "red flag" according to a lawyer the Times talked to; he told them it was very uncommon for someone like a store clerk to sign such an agreement.

Charney's lawyer says “the allegations are false. I think this is an effort to shake down American Apparel. These claims should be resolved in confidential arbitration.”