The Dept. of Sanitation has proposed doubling the fines for those who fail to pick up after their defecating dogs from $100 to $200. The Daily News reports that Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty said that since the introduction of the pooper scooper law in 1978, the city has been issuing about 1,000 fines annually. If only New Yorkers could be deputized to issue fines!

Doherty explained that the problem of errant dog waste on city sidewalks, streets, and parks has grown in recent years. He'll introduce the concept of doubled fines to the City Council in coming months. The state assembly passed a law in February allowing the New York City to raise fines on non-poop scoopers.

The announcement of stricter penalties for those who leave their dogs crap just lying where it is dropped comes on the heels of a move to crack down on those who dump residential trash in street trash receptacles. The City Council passed a bill yesterday to raise the fines for dumping anything other than common litter into street trash cans. Fines have been raised from $25 to $100, to $100 to $300 with a maximum penalty of $400 for repeat offenders.

(The Clean Dog NYC, by selyfriday at flickr)