Relatives of Staten Island resident Eric Bellucci were relieved after he was arrested in Tel Aviv, Israel. The 30-year-old Stuyvesant High School graduate is suspected of fatally stabbing his parents in their Annandale home on Tuesday night before fleeing the country, and his relatives "feared he would come back to kill them." His uncle said, "Now he can't harm himself or anyone else. What he did was very dramatic and bad. His sister and brother still love him. We won't exclude him out of the family. But we won't embrace him, either."

Bellucci, described as a violent schizophrenic, was a concern to his parents, Arthur and Marian Bellucci; they turned in his guns to the police and tried to convince him to take his medication, which he allegedly refused to do. Police think he spent Tuesday night with his parents' bodies. According to the Post:

[Police think] Eric took a knife into an upstairs bedroom and repeatedly stabbed Arthur in the neck and torso, sources said.

Police believe Eric then went down to the living room and began stabbing his pajama-clad mom, who apparently grabbed a phone in a desperate bid to call for help, sources said.

Pools of blood later found in the house's front vestibule also indicate the 56-year-old nurse had unsuccessfully tried to escape her psychotic son's parricidal rampage, according to sources.

Cops believe that Eric then spent hours that night in the home, washing his parents' blood off his body.

After driving his parents' pickup truck to Newark Airport, Bellucci purchased the $1,300 ticket on El Al Airlines on Wednesday, taking the 2:45 p.m.But it turns out that he was acting oddly enough at Newark for a TSA agent to question him: The Staten Island Advance reports, "They searched his bag and took his name, but returned Bellucci to the plane because he was not on the no-fly list, and there were no warrants for his arrest."

By Thursday, news of the murder got out and the manhunt was on. When he tried to buy a ticket to China, via Turkey at Ben Gurion Airport, his credit card was rejected; a saleswoman recognized Bellucci, who was attempting to withdraw cash, from new reports. An Israeli police officer said, "I saw him... he became defensive. I grabbed him with my hand and took him to the office because it still wasn't clear that this was the right person. He was in shock, and didn't resist."

Bellucci is in the process of being extradited to NYC.