Eric Bellucci, the 30-year-old Staten Island resident suspected of killing his parents in their Annadale home last week, arrived back in New York yesterday and has been awaiting arraignment today. The Staten Island Advance reports that Bellucci's relatives requested that the arraignment be delayed so they could attend the funeral of Arthur and Marian Bellucci this morning, but "It is not clear now whether they'll be attending the arraignment." Another source told the Advance that the schizophrenic Stuyvesant grad "denied killing his parents during questioning with cops."

Bellucci was apprehended in Israel on Friday—the police believe he killed his parents on Tuesday night, then fled the country on Wednesday (the bodies were discovered on Wednesday night)—while trying to buy a ticket to China, via Turkey. Relatives told police that Bellucci was obsessed with Israel after his grandfather told him he was adopted from Jewish parents (it's unclear if that's true) and a Stuy classmate told the Post and Daily News Bellucci claimed he was in Mossad.

He faces two counts of second degree murder. Another source told the Post that when Bellucci was at the 120th Precinct stationhouse, he came in babbling nonsense ... He almost seemed like he was doing an act," and an investigator said, "We have everything on this guy except a signed confession. The DNA will seal the deal."