As police continue to investigate the murder of a motivational speaker from Long Island found tied up and stabbed inside his Dodge Magnum discovered in East Harlem Thursday, two sides of Jeff Locker's life continue to emerge. The Post is now reporting that police believe a girlfriend of Locker's is behind the killing, that she and two friends are the ones who tied him up and tortured him in order to get his ATM pin code out of him.

The Daily News says that neighbors around the spot where Locker's body was found say that he was a regular in the area. Locker had called his wife to tell her that he was in the area due to a flat tire, but the Post says that he had already been over the RFK Bridge more than once on his supposed route from his home on Long Island to a hotel in New Jersey. More witnesses confirmed that had bought a bottle of water and box of condoms at a local bodega just before the murder. One witness told the News, "He pulled up to the curb. He just jumped out, got his shit and bounced. He was nonchalant about it."

But back in Locker's hometown of North Woodmere, his wife Lois and various family members and friends sang his praises as a father of three who was one of the most devoted family men around. They described him delighting guests at his daughter's bat mitzvah last month and coming into local schools to perform magic for students. Lois Locker said, "He has affected the lives of hundreds and hundreds of people. Talk to them instead of reporting these innuendos...You have no idea what I am going through right now. I hope you never have to."