108th and Atlantic Ave via google maps

Twelve-year old Jacob Colon was killed after being hit by a speeding Mercedes-Benze while crossing 108th Street at Atlantic Avenue yesterday. Colon was going home after helping his mother at her laundromat job.

Moments before the fatal accident the Mercedes driver rear-ended a Toyota on 112th Street. According to the Daily News, when the driver of the Toyota suggested calling the police the Mercedes driver offered to pay him instead. When the teenager insisted on calling the cops the Mercedes sped off, running over Colon four blocks later. Using the car's license plate number the police contacted the owner, who said the Mercedes was in the garage for repairs. The suspect is believed to be a mechanic returning the car to its owner.

Police are searching for the male driver, said to be six feet tall and between 200 and 250 pounds, and the Mercedes, which has heavy front-end damage.

Jacob Colon was a student at I.S. 137 in Ozone Park. He helped his mother at the laundromat every weekend and was hoping to become a veterinarian.