A driver from one of the double decker tour buses that collided in Times Square yesterday was arrested. William Dalambert, 58, was charged with driving while his ability was impaired.

Apparently Dalambert, who was driving the red Gray Line bus, "sideswiped a GMC Yukon and a CitySights bus before ending up the on the sidewalk." The blue CitySights bus was parked at the time.

A total of 15 people were injured, five by the traffic light that fell after the Gray Line bus struck it. One man told the NY Times he was walking away when he heard "something falling from the sky... We raced across the street. A man on the ground said he could not feel his leg." The traffic light also nearly hit a child in a stroller.

The injures were not life-threatening, but the Gray Line tour guide's head was trapped under the dashboard. The FDNY said, "We are very, very fortunate there weren't many more injuries."

According to NBC New York, "Police charge drivers with driving while ability impaired if they get behind the wheel after using prescription or illicit drugs or they appear to be impaired by alcohol but have a blood-alcohol content lower than the minimum limit for the charge of driving while intoxicated."