A Department Of Transportation worker who was doing maintenance on the Washington Bridge in Washington Heights yesterday serendipitously stumbled upon a man about to jump, and was able to convince him not to. DOT veteran Isidor Suarez, 60, spotted a shirtless man (who was not named) on a ledge, about 13 stories above the river. He started talking to him in Spanish through a fence.

The man told him he was unemployed, and had been thrown out of his house. Suarez asked if he was a Christian, and when he said he was, Suarez appealed to him that if he killed himself, it'd be like murder. "And something clicked and he looked at me and started walking off the ledge," Suarez told the Post. The man was taken to the hospital by police, while Suarez finished his shift. "I guess I feel like I helped someone today," he said.