Doggy dinner remains on the street can make people do crazy things: shit shaming, passive aggressive note writing, random acts of kindness and all that can bring. And now we can add to the list of things that curbside doggy doo hath wrought: a city worker to allegedly beat a muu-muu wearing, cane-wielding woman for being too slow to pick up after her dog!

According to 58-year-old Ruth Cunningham-Morris, last April she was walking her now deceased dog Mischief by the Williamsburg waterfront when the puppy pooped. Cunningham-Morris says she was on her way to get a plastic bag from a nearby trashcan (she'd forgotten hers), when things suddenly got very weird. And violent. According to a suit filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court last month she was "verbally and physically assaulted" by a Department of Transportation employee named Ricardo Rosa for not picking up the crap. And not just that! He allegedly "continued to punch, choke, strangle, assault, batter, beat and terrorize" her and "tore off her clothes" in the attack.

Cunningham-Morris was so shocked by the assault that she then tossed a bag of dog shit at Rosa's truck—which meant when the police showed up she and Rosa both spent the next six hours in Williamsburg's 94th Precinct (which also meant a delay in medical attention). "She was an elderly woman in a muu-muu going to the trash can to get a bag for her dog," her lawyer Robert Digiani Jr. told DNAinfo of the incident.

Since the incident Cunningham-Morris's dog, Mischief, has passed away, but her memories of the incident have not. "It's painful, I still have headaches and a scar on my lip," she says. "I'm still in therapy since April."