Some people get hit in the face with a brick and just try to forget about it, but not Stephen Arthur. You'll recall that Arthur, a Park Slope computer programmer, was riding his bike along Navy Street in Brooklyn one day in August when he was struck in the face with a large brick allegedly thrown by youths from a footbridge that runs through the Walt Whitman and Ingersoll housing projects. His assailants were never apprehended, and while it's taken Arthur months to fully recover, he's not been convalescing quietly.

After first sharing his story with Gothamist, Arthur's been making the media rounds to call attention to the footbridge, which seems to be a popular place for cyclist target practice. The Brooklyn Paper reported earlier this month that cyclists have been hit with rocks, golf balls, beer bottles, and other junk at the location, and no one has yet been brought to justice. A spokeswoman for the 88th Precinct says, "We are working with the housing complex to increase patrol near the footbridge." Another official now tells the Daily News that police are still "looking into it."

Arthur's lucky to be alive—the brick knocked him off his bike and he broke one of his teeth. His left wrist was still in an air cast months after the attack, and he had to get a hernia operation last month—a condition he attributes to falling off his bike. But let's face it: NYPD detectives probably have bigger fish to fry, and we'd be surprised if the kid who threw the brick was ever caught at this point.

Nevertheless, Arthur's efforts to publicize the incident have had an impact: a DOT spokesman tells the News the agency “intends to install a fence...where the top of the fence curves back" in to thwart projectiles. It's unclear when that fence will be installed, but in the meantime Arthur has another idea. He's raising funds to start a bike advocacy program in the housing projects where cyclists will teach the local kids to ride bikes instead of throwing bricks.