If taxi lights in New York City can be made simpler so as not to hurt the heads of poor New Yorkers it is about time our parking signs were clarified, right? After all, we got rid of "Walk" and "Don't Walk" ages ago! Well, the DOT agrees. Say hello to your new parking signage!

Today DOT Commissioner and New York Post arch-nemesis Janette Sadik-Kahn unveiled newly designed (and much simplified) parking regulation signs in Midtown. The initial rollout of signs will replace about 6,300 signs with all-new, all-streamlined signs (easy to read lettering! No abbreviations! Big numbers!). And then, after the initial rollout, the signs should start popping up across the city.

“You shouldn't need a Ph.D in parking signage to understand where you are allowed to leave your car in New York," Council Member Garodnick, who had pushed for the simpler signage in City Council, said. “The days of puzzled parkers trying to make sense of our midtown signs are over. I was pleased to work directly with DOT, removing unnecessary words in these signs, cleaning up their appearance, and the result is a simple, clear product that people will understand.”

Plus, bonus? As you can see from the above comparison of old and new not only are the newer signs more straightforward and legible, they are also about a foot shorter than the old signage—thank you now ubiquitous Muni-Meters. A little less visual pollution is never a bad thing!