The Department of Transportation launched a multi-platform anti-DWI campaign at the Barclays Center today, urging drivers to "choose not to drink and drive."

DOT Commissioner Jeannette Sadik-Khan unveiled the campaign inside the GEICO Atrium at Barclays Center, alongside Brooklyn Nets announcer David Diamante, former Net Kerry Kittles, the Brooklynettes and Nets mascot the BrooklynKnight. The campaign includes two chilling ads: the first features a man holding a beer bottle and car keys, standing between a cab and his vehicle, and asks "WHERE TO: HOME OR CENTRAL BOOKING?"

A second ad features a similar man standing between a subway station entrance and a hearse, asking, "WHERE TO: THE SIX TRAIN OR SIX FEET UNDER?" Both ads conclude with the message, "The choice is simple. Choose not to drink and drive."

"Driving while intoxicated is a matter of life and death. We cannot say it often enough," Sadik-Khan said today. “One bad choice can end lives." The DOT says it'll be running the "Choices" campaign on banner and subway platform ads, in bars/venues and on the radio, and they'll be promoting it via social media as well. The anti-DWI campaign comes none-to-soon; DOT data notes that recorded DWIs in the area have shot up by 125 percent in only three years.