Aha! Supermodel Naomi Campbell did bring workboots with her to perform community service at a Department of Sanitation warehouse on South Street yesterday - they were just slung against her back. We didn't notice them before because we were trying to figure out her overall get-up. The Daily News reveals that while Campbell was wearing $1,000 Christian Louboutin boots and a $1,500 Azzedine Alaia coat, DOS employees only get a $900 uniform allowance each year for "shoes, vests, shirts and gloves." Check out this picture of Campbell working it in her DOS vest!

There was a frenzy to see Campbell walking to the warehouse yesterday, her first of five days of community service after assaulting her housekeeper with a cellphone. Fashion photographer Steven Klein sat on top of Campbell's Escalade taking pictures of her outside and on the inside, a DOS employee took a picture of her - only for his camera to be confiscated and to face possible suspension.

The DOS said she "arrived on time to work, she came ready to work." And other DOS employees said Campbell wasn't a diva, with one saying, "Believe me, she's not going to throw a cell phone at the girls in here. They'll tear her to pieces."

Former Parks Commissioner Henry Stern tells the NY Sun that "There's an element of shame involved" when celebrities have to perform community service:

"It's exposure. The idea that they have to be with ordinary people when these celebrities live in their own world — community service is a great comedown," he said, touting manual labor as a great equalizer. "A fine is rarely an exact measure of justice. To the rich, it's nothing, and to the poor, it's everything. A fine for Campbell would be less than what she pays her lawyers."

Still, a fellow community service inmate told the Post, "She's looking beautiful, that's what she's doing!"

Photograph of Campbell walking to community service yesterday by Rick Maiman/AP