2006_04_doorman2.jpgHoorah! The union representing doormen, porters, and other apartment building workers came to a and building owners' management have struck a tentative deal late last night, keeping the workers on the job today. (When we checked to see what happened at midnight, they announced there was an agreement, but there would be a press conference around 2 or 3AM!) Workers will get raises of 8.5% over four years (but they won't kick in until the second half of the first year), and their health and pensions will remain unchanged (though there is a cap on medical costs during the last 2 years). Also, this contract would be for four, instead of three years, which makes both sides happy (though the union had wanted a five year contract): Union president Mike Fishman said, "We've achieved what we wanted to achieve. We've made compromises, but we think it's a good agreement for all of us," which the Realty Advisory Board's James Berg said, "I think this agreement will serve both the employers and the employees and provide us with four years of stability."

Building residents are pretty happy as well, as they won't have to resort to their contigency plans - the last strike in 1991 left huge piles of garbage everywhere. Well, with one exception: Don Imus was complaining how he looked at NY1 to see if there was a strike, but there was no programming on between 3 and 4AM. Apparently Imus was signed up to operate the freight elevator in his building, which would, quite frankly, scare the dickens out of anyone. The man is licensed to carry a handgun, for chrissakes!

Photograph from minusbaby on Flickr