As the possible doorman strike looms over the city, doormen are taking to the streets before their contract runs out on April 21. The "March and Rally for A New Contract for NYC Apartment Building Workers" will take place tomorrow at 79th and 5th, from where marchers will head to 83rd and Park to rally. A press release from Union 32BJ representative Kwame Patterson said, "In the event of a strike, more than one million New York City apartment, co-op and condominium residents living in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island would be directly affected."

Union officers, politicians and workers like 32BJ president Mike Fishman and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio will address the crowd during the rally to demand better wages and health benefits. Up to 10,000 workers may be present for the rally, which will start around 5 p.m. Though they've threatened before, unionized doormen have not striked since 1991. President Mike Fishman said, "Tuesday’s rally will show we’re determined to keep our city a place that working families can afford to call home. The hard working New Yorkers who keep our buildings running well, and New Yorkers safe and comfortable, should be able to live in the city where they work."