High-rise residents might want to watch out for the threatened doorman strike, or maybe just be a little nicer to the guys carrying their groceries, because doormen are on the Internet! New York Magazine has a whole feature today on building workers who decide not to keep their resident's indiscretions a secret.

Two such workers have found their voice on BrickUnderground, a website dedicated to "vertical living." The website introduced their "Elevator Man" column this week, written by an anonymous elevator worker in Manhattan. The first post tackles such insufferable residents as the lady who can't hear the elevator ring from 20 floors away and the woman who wants him to mail a letter for her. The nerve!

The other column is by "Openthedoor-man," who dishes on everything from whom residents bring home to what they find in their trash. One recent post mentions a handyman who "found an adult toy belonging to one of the residents in the building. Further curiosity had the handyman pry a little more and he finally found out which resident it belonged to. Needless to say, the staff has forever seen this person differently."

Paul Gottsegen of Halstead Management told New York that this behavior is unacceptable. "If the staff can’t handle it and keep [things] private, they’re in the wrong business." Though Lawyer Steven Wagner says residents should know better and treat their doormen with respect, saying, "It would be foolish to assume the things you do or say in front of your doorman carries an expectation of privacy." When contacted, the Realty Advisory Board had no comment on the situation other than "We do not gossip." They might be misinformed.