Cyber Monday, shmyber Monday! While a certain set of New Yorkers are pretending to get back into the office groove while closely monitoring deals across the web, a separate set of New Yorkers are starting to deal with another annual tradition: The Big Tip. Yup, folks are making their lists (or being given them by co-op and condo boards) and checking them twice, wondering how much is enough to give the doorman to make sure that their packages don't "accidentally" get sat on (or lost) for the next twelve months. On the plus side? Apparently most doormen aren't expecting to see a bump in their take this year!

Once again BrickUnderground went and did an unscientific poll of city doorman regarding their expectations for tips—and this year they didn't really have many. Three-quarters of the 20 doormen they polled "expect tips to be flat or down this year." Meanwhile, "Two of the remaining five said they couldn't predict either way, and the three who expected to earn more attributed it to moving up higher on the totem pole, moving from the night to the day shift, or the fact that in their building, more apartments were occupied this year than last."

Okay, so you don't have to feel bad if you are giving less than (or the same amount) as last year. But who do you have to give to? And what is the best method or presenting your tips? Not surprisingly Emily Post emphasizes personalized notes with your cash rather than just handing the wad over, and as for who to give to? BrickUnderground has a pretty reasonable breakdown of how much most building workers, ranging from supers to garage attendants, expect of you.

But then again, times is tough. Will you be tipping this year?