A Sutton Place apartment building discovered that a favorite doorman was robbing tenants' apartments during the day. Residents of 434 East 52nd Street were shocked to learn that one of their favorite doormen, Edgardo Rodriguez, was behind a number of building robberies. He was found out when one tenant had installed video cameras in his apartment and saw Rodriquez "rifling through his belongings and trying to disable the one surveillance camera." Manhattan D.A. Robert Morgenthau said, "He didn't realize there were two video cameras." Snap. But Gothamist was more fascinated with how some jewelry he had pawned was being offered to a jeweler who had purchased them for one of the buildings' tenants! It turns out the Rodriguez had been convicted with attempted robbery 10 years ago, which makes Gothamist wonder if the building check his records. It's like anything - checking a tenant, checking a nanny...even checking an employer, for chrissakes!

Another question: Is Sutton Place the Upper East Side? The Newsday article described the address as the UES, but we've always thought of it more as "Farther Midtown East" or "Northern Turtle Bay."