The MTA board is about to vote on a series of severe fare hikes and service cuts for subway, bus and rail commuters, as the State Legislature hasn't agreed on a plan to help out the MTA. Mayor Bloomberg said, "I would suggest, when you see what's going to happen to your commuting costs, you should call your state legislators and say, 'I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore.'" (Here's how you find your State Senator and Assembly member.) Update: The MTA voted to approve the fare hikes. MTA executive director Elliot Sander said, "This is an extremely difficult day for everyone. Believe me, neither the board nor the senior staff of the MTA would be advancing these measures if we had any other choice."

CityRoom is blogging from the MTA board meeting; City Councilman David Weprin said, "Instead of acting for Albany to act, we should also be pursuing help from the federal government," while civil liberties lawyer (and Public Advocate hopeful) Norman Siegel asked the board, "I am curious how many of you use the trains or buses regularly?"—and, noting on how only some said they did, "I hope that one day everyone here raises their hand....You clearly don’t represent the diversity of the city or the state." The Post has a story on MTA board member Nancy Shevell, who missed Monday's finance committee fare hike vote, because she was with boyfriend Paul McCartney.

Here's what will happen, per the Post:

  • The LIRR's service to Belmont ends in late April.
  • Subway and bus fares would go up on May 31.
    • Single rides would go from $2 to $2.50—a 25% hike;
    • 7-day unlimited cards would be $31 (currently $25)—a 24% hike;
    • 14-day unlimited cards would be $59 (currently $47)—a 25% hike;
    • 30-day unlimited card would be $103 (currently $81)—a 27% hike;
    • 7-day express bus cards would be $51 (currently $41)—a 24% hike;
    • Pay-per-ride Metrocard bonuses are kept intact (though what the final bonuses are is still undetermined)
  • Metro-North and LIRR fares will go up about 23% on June 1.
  • Bridge and tunnel tolls increase in July.
  • City bus routes are eliminated over the summer; the W and Z lines are eliminated in the fall as the M and G service is cut.

Here's an overview of fare hikes and service cuts from the MTA.