Whether you're trying to get that gal in room 4B at the Shady Acres Home to go steady with you, or are strolling the West Village in search of that perfect New York Moment, doo-wop, uh, isn't the most annoying music you could listen to. But residents and businesses on Bleecker Street are fed up with Spanks, a group who sings doo-wop tunes for tourists. According to the Post, the president of the Central Village Block Association tallied just how much doo-wop we're talking about here. “It works out to about 700 hours of doo-wop a year—and it’s not very well sung, either,” Dorothy Green says. But that's just half the amount of doo-wop you'll get if you act now and order Time Life's 10 disc, It All Started With Doo-Wop (Box Set).

"They have a limited repertoire of songs and don't know that many," a Bleecker Street resident says of the group, which performs in front of Amy's Bread. "I don’t need to hear ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ 14 times." Maybe, but it's the 15th rendition that really gives you those malt shop flashbacks.

Commander of the 6th Precinct Deputy Inspector Brandon del Pozo either has a sense of humor or The Post's copy editors have weakness for tweaking something to hilarity, either way we are grateful. “It’s clear they’re decreasing people’s quality of life,” del Pozo says. “While doo-wop is not a crime, a minute or two for a fond memory for tourists is a year of aggravation for residents.” Ahh, "Doo-Wop Is Not A Crime." Know who would buy those t-shirts? Tourists on Bleecker Street.

And though ELO wasn't a doo-wop band, their hit "Telephone Line" certainly incorporated elements of the genre! And this just makes us laugh.