2006_02_shoppingcart.jpgJust as there's word that subway crime is down versus that same period last year (318 felonies versus 2005's 510), it turns out that the police are nabbing crooks by setting up shopping carts and purses on subway platforms to tempt thieves in the past few weeks. The NYPD calls it "Operation Lucky Bag," and the NY Post has an amusing picture of a folding grocery cart set up. The police love how they've been able to arrest people with extensive criminal records, but some lawyers say it's entrapment. Yeah, like, what if someone is taking the shopping cart or purse away because they are going to bring them to the station agent for the MTA Lost and Found? One police source tells the Post the operation is a way for the Transit Chief to boost his number of arrests. Aha! That, and giving out summons left and right for anything.

And the lower crime numbers for 2006? It seems that cellphone and iPod related thefts were the cause of the high numbers in 2005, so we guess that Santa gave gadgets to enough people last year.