Are drivers speeding through Queens to get to the Pop Tart Experience as fast as possible? Or are they just subconsciously pressing the gas harder while they sext their sweethearts? An analysis of the 624,813 moving violations cited by the NYPD this year by the Post reveals that Elmhurst has the highest number of speeding tickets (2,094) while Flushing tops the cellphone citations (2,589). Shockingly, on the Upper East Side, drivers apparently feel they're above stopping for a red light or going the right way, as the East 60's racked up the most tickets for running reds (1,480) and ignoring wrong way signs (359).

Overall, moving violations are down 6.4 percent from 2010, which may be attributed to summons-shy police officers not wanting to have any many tickets available for scrutiny. Following the ticket-fixing scandal, an edict was issued that officers who write tickets that don't pass muster in court are docked 10 vacation days. But maybe the NYPD should be taking its cues from Massachusetts law enforcement, where traffic tickets are down by a third since 2008. Budget cuts have forced officers to focus on more pertinent issues in the community, and some are even cutting drivers slack because of the poor economy. And we can think of a few bogus tickets that could have been directed at more deserving drivers.