Bed bugs don't discriminate when it comes to nesting grounds. They'll happily make room for you on a crowded Q train, or cuddle up at the movies, or even share a hotel room on the Upper West Side. But in the summer months, it seems, bed bugs are smart enough to seek shelter in air conditioned offices. Last June it was the UN. This year, City Hall.

"We found two dead bed bugs in a small spot in one room of the building," Mayoral spokesman Eric Phillips confirmed on Friday, following a Daily News report. "We fumigated as a precaution."

The News reports that the bugs were discovered in the City Hall "bull pen," where the Mayor's top aides work in an open floor plan. An e-mail from Chief of Staff Thomas Snyder reportedly addressed the problem on Thursday, rattling staffers' nerves at a recent meeting.

"Don't sit," one City Hall employee apparently said to another another, according to the News's anonymous internal source. "There's bed bugs."

Or maybe it's just creme brulee?