2006_11_transfat2.gifFret not, lovers of trans-fats, as it seems that the Board of Health has had a change of heart about banning them from city restaurants. Dr Thomas Frieden, the City Health Commissioner, spoke at a Crain's New York Business breakfast yesterday (we would love to see that menu), sharing that the original July 2007 deadline for banishing the good stuff may have to be postponed. A new proposal will be presented at a December 5th Board of Health meeting. The reason for the Department's cold feet? The NY State Restaurant Association feels unsure that they will be able to fully comply with the requirements.

Specifically, there are concerns that there won't be enough alternative (and healthy) oils that could be used instead of those currently packed with trans-fats. Dr. Friedman wasn't buying it and said that there would be plenty of other products to choose from, as New York would be the first to implement this sort of ban and would have enough of a supply to choose from. But despite this, the Commissioner still opposes any actual City Council legislation that would work to prevent the use of trans-fats.

As it happens, the American Heart Association has concerns abut the ban as well. Does Kentucky Fried Chicken feel foolish for changing over its cooking oils? Probably not, as trans fat scrutiny can be rough.