We've been getting reports of heavy smoke rising up over Manhattan, and chatter on Twitter has swiftly turned to mild panic: "Enjoying an afternoon on the waterfront and notice smoke beginning to billow up from the Manhattan the skyline. Scary... #911" tweeted @kelseymeuse. But don't worry: there is a high rise fire at E 25th Street and Madison Avenue. The fire was caused by a transformer on the roof of the 32-floor building.

We know everyone's nerves are frayed this weekend, with the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and the uncorroborated threat of another attack hanging over our heads precariously. But we haven't gotten attacked by Al Qaeda, Uncle Paulie. So let's all try to remember that trucks with Arabic writing on the side are probably not being driven by terrorists. And let's all agree to follow in Douglas Adams's footsteps for the rest of the weekend...or Coldplay's, if that's more your thing.