Transport Workers Union members were on the Upper East Side this morning, protesting MTA Chairman Peter Kalikow and his and the MTA board's "inaction" on the contract. Now, Gothamist understands why they went, but we doubt Kalikow will listen. The Daily News printed Kalikow's answers to reader questions, and we have to doubt whether or not Kalikow actually rides the system from time to time. Take this question:

Q: The temperature in the subways is absolutely atrocious and dangerously hot in the summertime. Can't something be done to make the temps more tolerable?
Pamela Tully, Forest Hills, Queens

A: Most of the time our customers spend in the system is usually spent on moving trains, which are air-conditioned. I'm not sure there is an absolute way to solve the problem (in stations). ... It's an open system. I think July and August in New York is going to be July and August in New York.

Uh, customers do tend to spend a lot of time waiting for subways when July and August are so hot that tracks warp and power outages occur. And trying to make subway platforms just slightly more comfortable would probably prevent other incidents. But we shouldn't be surprised that Kalikow can't really answer things well - there was the time he tried to make a point by launching into a story about his grandfather peeing in his pants as a young boy.