bknypd.jpgWhat could the increased number of NYPD on foot in the South Williamsburg area mean? One reader tips us off to a new South Side stabber who may have the 90th Precinct working overtime. Ladies, hipsters, et al, even though Matchbox 20 and McLovin were bro-ing down south of the Williamsburg Bridge – the ultimate sign of gentrification – you still need to buddy up on those evening walks. A tipster writes:

There is a man stabbing women in and around Williamsburg. They are stopping everyone possible simply so they can run everyone's licenses looking for the priors that will most likely mark their man.

Seems they have even brought in officers from other precincts to assist in the insane amounts of foot patrol.

Some less concerned residents of the area note that one may want to watch their back not from the stabber, but the police themselves.

A dude in my building told me he got a $120 ticket for jaywalking across S. 3rd btwn Roebling and Havemeyer aka a totally sleepy, one way residential street.

We called the NYPD to verify and they couldn't confirm anything, while the 90th Precinct was unable to give out any information.

roxydynamite's flickr.