It has not been a good week for Long Island's John L. Miller-Great Neck North HS. First three recent alumni were arrested for robbing their drug dealer of an ounce of pot and now a group of seniors at the school are being investigated for cheating on their SATs. And not like "hiding useful equations in their pens"-style or something crazy high-tech with the kids hiding cameras and radios in their glasses while another kid with an Internet connection hides in the closet kind of cheating, but full-on "hiring other people to take the test for you" cheating.

According to the Post's sources (we couldn't get confirmation ourselves) the school board is "investigating the alleged cheaters" who apparently hired college students (one from "a top Midwestern university") to take the tests for them. Rumors of the ring have reportedly been circulating for months. "Everyone knows about it," a female senior told the paper. "You get the feeling that its widespread, and not just here in Great Neck."

Is this really something people are doing now? Kids, cheating on your SATs makes no sense! The whole point of the test, which aren't even that hard as far as tests go, is to test your scholastic aptitude. Not someone else's, yours. If your scores aren't so great, maybe why not take a break year?