We're going to go ahead and assume that quite a few criminals get their ideas about pulling crimes from movies. But what was the last movie you saw where kidnapping a rich kid for ransom works? Their parents are always in with the FBI, or some other secret gang, and the bad guys are never quietly sent the money like they are asked. But apparently, one gang in Queens hadn't caught up on Rush Hour.

A Boston college student from China was recently taken hostage for four days and ransomed for $3.5 million by a group he had believed to be his friends, and with whom he would travel with from Boston to Queens to hang out at clubs on the weekend. The 24-year-old unnamed student began hanging out with other Chinese immigrants during his first year at Northeastern University, which included a man named Xin Lin. The student was reportedly a big spender, flashing his cash and picking up bar tabs.

On September 7th, Lin and the student were reportedly hanging out at a lounge when four men, two with knives, stormed the bar and took the two hostage. However, Lin was only (allegedly) faking being a victim; the student claims he figured that out when he was thrown in the back of a car, his blindfold slipped, and he saw Lin sitting in the front seat. The student's family got a call demanding $3.5 million for his release, but the FBI tracked his whereabouts and on September 10th and arrested six suspects, including Lin, in a Flushing apartment. Belle Chen, assistant special agent in charge of New York's violent crimes division, said of the student, "We had to keep saying. 'Relax, you're safe. FBI. You'll be OK. His first words when he realized we were really there to help, was to point at Lin and say, 'Bad guy!'" Good news for the student, but it would have been so much cooler if it had turned out like Les Savy Fav's "Adopduction."