Don't Drink, Don't Smoke, What Do You Do?Man, the college experience that we remember-- dorms that smelled like bong water, Coke in the soda machines, it's gone, man, just gone: NYU has decided to go ahead and ban smoking in all its residence halls by the beginning of the 2006 Fall term. A sensible move, perhaps, given the thousands of young lungs in the buildings, and the propensity of NYU students to accidently light their bunk beds on fire. What surprises us is how long it took-- according to the Washing Square News, the NYU Medical school banned smoking in its dorm more than 10 years ago. Presumably the doctors knew what was best in this case. Typically, the reaction from students to the new ban was mixed:

“We’re 18 years old,” O’Connell said. “If we’re allowed to, who are they to tell us we can’t? It’s fine to have smoke-free floors, but people decide to live in smoking rooms.”

“I am glad to see NYU finally ban smoking in our residence halls,” Trigilio said. “We were really behind the times.”

Some students worry about the ability to smoke outside during bad weather. “Those who are smokers should have some sort of right if they want to,” CAS junior Janie Rodriguez said. “They can go outside, but when it’s cold or rainy, they don’t have much of a choice.”

Hard-core smokers probably shouldn't consider transferring to Hunter-- the New York legislature is considering bills to ban smoking from all college and university dorms this year. Oh well, there's always Ecstacy! [Related: New York State Smoke Free.]