Now, there are always stories of airport baggage handlers and screeners stealing things from baggage. But this latest story to come out of JFK Airport, where a federal baggage screener was found to have taken $80,000 in cash from a man's luggage is very striking. First of all, who the hell checks in $80,000 cash? It's totally carry-on! Apparently the passenger, a gift shop owner on his way to Pakistan, noticed that eight hundred $100 bills were missing when we arrived there. It seems that Frank Ulerio Jr. took the money when the passenger's cousin put the bags in a "secured screening area" as the passenger was saying good-bye to his family, and we guess the bags were screened and checked there? That's confusing. Ulerio said he stole the money to pay off a gambling debt. The Transportatino Security Adminstration says that they have a "zero-tolerance policy for theft in the workplace" but there doesn't seem to be much monitoring, as we've had objects taken from our international check-in luggage and know of other instances. Still, we're not dumb enough to check $80,000 in cash.